Why Choose Us?

Grandma was right: You get what you pay for.

To make an educated decision, let’s compare:

Are they honest and can I trust them in my home?

You are right to be concerned about who comes into your home. Expert Clean & Green is a family owned business. Click About Us if you’d like to know and see who will work for you. And we’ll be happy to provide you with as many references as you wish to check.

Are they experienced? Is there an ever-revolving door of new employees?

We’ve been cleaning practically every weekday since 1989 and invested hundreds of hours in advance training.

Though far from brain surgery, it takes a long time to make an accomplished cleaner. The most common damage is done by well intentioned, yet inexperienced technicians. Knowing when it’s safe to proceed and when it’s time to stop, may be the difference between a beautiful carpet and a permanent stain. Yes, experience counts a great deal.

Do they take the time to do it right?

We do.

Even the best equipment in the hands of someone who wants to finish quickly will produce mediocre results. We want you to be absolutely delighted with our work.

Do they use eco-friendly cleaning products?

We do.

Our products carry at least two or more of the following certificates:

Unlike the common misconception, not only are these wonderful eco-friendly products healthier for you, they actually clean better. But don’t take our word for it, this is what the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) had to say:

Question to EPA: “Do Safer Choice products work well?”

EPA“Yes, in addition to meeting stringent safety criteria, every product with the Safer Choice label has met high standards for performance.”

Expert Clean & Green offers Green, Eco-Friendly and Fragrance-Free Carpet, Upholstery & Rug cleaning in Nevada City, Auburn, Grass Valley, San Francisco and San Mateo.

Did they invest in the best equipment?

We did.

There’s a huge difference in cleaning results between cheap and quality equipment.

Only top of the line equipment:

  1. Produces exceptionally hot water, enabling us to use a fraction of the cleaning products (nearly residue- free). The heat eliminates most dust mites and the end results are much healthier for you and yours.
  2. Generates tremendous extraction power needed to achieve a very deep rinse, which is the most essential part of healthy cleaning. Yet your carpet will dry faster.
  3. Means efficiency – It cleans better in less time. And you’ll be free to go about your day a lot sooner.

Does excellent equipment guarantees excellent results?

Yes and no.

As with any service business it’s the person behind the machine that counts the most.

Last but not least:

All we really want is that after our cleaning

You’ll feel just like our typical client:

Say hello clean - goodbye dirt!