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I am a little worried about who I am letting into my home.

You are right to be concerned about who comes into your home. Expert Clean & Green is a family owned business. Click About Us if you’d like to know and see who will work for you. And we’ll be happy to provide you with as many references as you wish to check.

Are you bonded, licensed and insured?

We are bonded, licensed and fully insured. When we work for you, you can have complete peace of mind.

Will you be on time?

We are very respectful of your time, and we know that you are busy. For the first appointment of the day we’ll be exactly on time. For all other appointments we’ll show up within the reasonable 1-hour window of time. Ask any of our clients, some of whom have been with us for 28 years: They’ll tell you that we are almost always on time. Rarely, if we are going to be late, we’ll call and let you know in advance.

Do you use healthy, eco-friendly, non-toxic cleaning products—and do they clean well?

Yes, we do. Our products carry at least two or more of the following certificates:

For more detailed explanation see- What Makes Us Green.

Not only are these wonderful eco-friendly cleaning products healthier for you, they actually clean better. But don’t take our word for it. Here is what the EPA says:

However to make your carpet look its best we can always adjust our cleaning. In the rare case that it is absolutely necessary, we carry a special line of cleaning agents that are exceptionally effective but not Green Seal certified. However, they are still safe, non-toxic, and since we always follow all our cleaning with a deep water rinse, it will still be healthy.

Do you ever use non green seal certified products?


We are not ideologues; we strive to provide you with the best cleaning results possible. 29 years of daily cleaning experience shows that about 5% of clients will benefit from stronger products that do not carry the “Green Seal” certificate. We always carry these products with us and use them if necessary for better cleaning results and with your approval. However, we always follow with a high flow deep flushing, aided with a green rinsing agent. So the end results are just as good and just as healthy.

Are there additional or hidden charges?

Ask any of our clients–they will tell you we are on time, on budget with no surprises. Upon request, we’ll be happy to provide you with as many referrals as you wish to check.

In our initial phone conversation you’ll receive a price approximation. It will be followed with the same approximation in writing via email. Our prices are decided by the actual square feet (or length for sofa). The email will also include a detailed explanation of how we price and how it may be adjusted (could be the same, higher or lower) according to the actual room sizes

Once we are there to do the cleaning and before we start, we’ll thoroughly inspect your carpet (upholstery /rug /tile) and provide you with the exact cost in writing. It will also include a clear explanation of what you should or should not expect of the cleaning. The whole idea is that you’ll know the price and what to expect before you spend even a penny with us. It is very important to us that you will both feel and know that your money was well spent.

We do charge more when the cleaning or spotting is beyond the scope of normal cleaning. For example: Removal of dye stains that require heat transfer; paint spills or certain stains that necessitate specialized spotting techniques and are time consuming; pet damage or restoring soil saturated carpet etc.

However, your everyday spots and spills removal, using green Seal certified products, pre-conditioning and agitation of high traffic areas, deep flushing, extra rinse passes and small furniture moving, are all included.

And our absolutely risk free guarantee: Complete satisfaction or your money back, speaks for itself.

Can my pets stay at home, and is it safe for them?

Yes, they can stay home and yes, it is very safe since we use the healthiest cleaning products in existence. However, for their peace of mind, please arrange for them to be in a quiet sheltered place like a bathroom or closed in the back yard where they feel safe. They will highly appreciate it.

Is “steam cleaning” the best or the only method you offer?

We choose to provide our clients with all major cleaning methods. We do feel strongly about which is the best and healthiest, just ask us how we clean our own home. However, we can provide you with a variety of cleaning method depending on which will be most advantageous for you.

Can you guarantee removal of all stains?

We truly wish we could. Unfortunately some stains are permanent. Bleach and acne medication will strip the carpets’ dye, and some cough medicine, markers and inks will leave permanent color.

While trying to remove stains inexperienced cleaners may cause permanent stains and or irreversible damage.  Knowing when it’s safe to try to remove a stain can be the difference between a beautiful looking carpet and permanent damage.

What is your guarantee?

If you are not 100% satisfied with our cleaning, we’ll re-do it for free. If you are still not satisfied, you get your money back. We want you to be absolutely delighted with our work.

(Guarantee is valid for 30 days from the date on invoice. Dishonored checks will void this guarantee.)

Are you a franchise?

We are a local company that Ofer Kolton built by himself. Ofer has been in business for twenty eight years, most of it in San Francisco. We moved to the Nevada City area and feel so lucky to live in the beautiful Sierra Foothills.

While in the Bay Area,  Ofer’s companies were the highest rated for customer care and satisfaction by eight different consumer organizations: Yelp, Consumer Check Book, Value Star, Diamond Certified, San Francisco Best, The Good Service Guide, Angie’s List, and Next Door.

Are you certified by any consumer organization? Can we check on you?

Expert Clean & Green is one of the only 5% of carpet cleaning companies in the U.S that are certified by the prestigious IICRC (Institute for Cleaning and Restoration Certification.) To achieve this we have invested hundreds of hours in classes and successfully passed the rigorous tests required to qualify for the Master Carpet and Textile Cleaner certification. “DuPont”, “Shaw Industries” and other carpet manufacturers recommend that only these certified firms clean their carpets.

In addition: Expert Clean & Green and Ofer’s previous company The Steam team for many years have consistently won the highest rating for customer care and satisfaction by eight different consumer organizations. Yelp, Consumer Check Book, Value Star, Diamond Certified, San Francisco Best, The Good Service Guide, Angie’s List, Next Door.

Do I have to let you in or stay home till the cleaning is complete?

We do ask to be let in, as we need to pre-inspect your furnishings, note pre-existing conditions and make sure that we can meet your expectations. The whole idea is that you’ll know what to expect before you spend even a penny with us. It is very important to us that you will feel and know that your money was well spent.

We like it if you’re home when we finish. It allows you to inspect the cleaning and make sure that you are delighted with the results. However, we know you are busy, so if you can’t stay home we’ll just ask for precise instruction on how to lock your home when we leave.

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