Pet Urine / Odor Removal

Pet Urine

We love our pets. They are family and pet lovers know that we get tenfold in return. If only our furry friends did not have accidents, or chose to show their love of home in a “liquid” way.

It is essential to treat pet stains as quickly as possible and not just superficially on the surface alone. Many false claims are made about complete removal of odor and urine damage from carpets, fabrics and pads. We’ll offer you honest, realistic solutions to pet-related problems.

Odor Removal

Unlike the common misconception, deodorizing is not adding a scent (perfume) to the cleaning solution. That’s called masking and it’s the equivalent of spritzing on perfume while a shower is needed. Just ask any French queen or king that lived prior to the revolution and they’ll tell you- It doesn’t work.

Deodorizing is the process of removing the odor source and then neutralizing the odor molecules. There are various methods to accomplish it applying different principles, like encapsulating, pairing, oxidizing and natural digestive enzymes. We even carry fragrance free deodorizers.

Testimonials (Our customers love us)


Great service! Ofer was detailed and thorough in explaining what would work and what may not, and gave some tips on keeping our carpets clean after he works his magic. He was prompt, courteous, and easy to work with. I like his approach to using eco-friendly supplies, and appreciated his attention to our two cats to ensure they were safely hidden away. Will definitely use him again (although he did such an excellent job, it may be awhile till we need him!)

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