Fragrence-Free Cleaning

Pregnant women have a heightened sense of smell, some people are allergic to scents and many of our clients just prefer fragrance-free*cleaning.

Whatever your reason is: At no extra charge and upon your request, we will use fragrance-free cleaning products. Just make sure that you tell us before we start. 

* (The difference between fragrance-free and unscented (a non- scientific explanation): Fragrance- free means that no artificial (synthetic) fragrances have been added to the product to make it “smell good” or to mask an existing fragrance. It may still have a very faint scent that is derived from its ingredients. Unlike unscented that may be formulated to have no smell but can contain ingredients that do have a smell which was neutralized or masked by other chemicals. It is important that you know that neither term is backed by legal definition or FDA regulation.

However, most of our clients love our fragrance free cleaning products.

Testimonials (Our customers love us)


Ofer (the owner) was very friendly and professional throughout the entire process. Appointments are followed up by a detailed email and follow up phone reminders. They were on time and explained the process in detail upon arrival. The work was done quickly and efficiently... no bs. living room carpet was left entirely spotless with no chemical smell. These guys truly are experts... highly recommended.

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