Frequently Asked Questions

I am a little worried about who I am letting into my home.

You are right to be concerned about who comes into your home. And just like you, we’ve heard some pretty scary stories. Expert Clean & Green is an owner operated company. Only the owner will work for you and we can provide you with excellent references.

Are you bonded, licensed and insured?

We are bonded, licensed and fully insured. When we work for you, you can have complete peace of mind.

Do you use healthy, non toxic cleaning products?

Yes, we do. Since 1991 we have been using eco-friendly, non-toxic, biodegradable cruelty free and hypoallergenic cleaning products. They’re better for you; they’re better for your home; and they’re better for the environment. Our cleaning is good both for your health and the beauty of your home.

Learn more about our natural, eco-friendly, hypoallergenic and cruelty free products.

Do eco friendly and green carpet cleaning products actually clean well?

We have been offering green, eco-friendly carpet cleaning in San Francisco and San Mateo for many years. These healthy cleaning products clean exceptionally well. Most people do not need "knock your socks off" cleaning products. Why? First because their homes are only mildly soiled due to normal wear and tear. And second because these "knockout" products are highly toxic. If it is absolutely necessary to use more powerful cleaning products we carry a special line of cleaning agents that are exceptionally effective yet are still safe, non-toxic and healthy for you. We'll adjust our cleaning to make your carpet look great yet our cleaning will be good both for your health and the beauty of your home.

Do you offer green carpet cleaning in San Francisco?

We have been offering green, eco-friendly carpet cleaning in San Francisco and San Mateo for many years. These healthy cleaning products are healthier for you and clean exceptionally well. We offer: Green carpet cleaning in San Francisco. Green carpet cleaning in San Mateo. We also offer Environmentally friendly carpet cleaning in San Francisco. Environmentally friendly carpet cleaning in San Mateo. As well as: Eco friendly carpet cleaning in San Francisco. Eco friendly carpet cleaning in San Mateo. Also: Non toxic carpet cleaning in San Francisco. Non toxic carpet cleaning in San Mateo.

Are there additional or hidden charges?

Ask any of our clients--they will tell you we are on time, and on budget with no surprises. We will not sell you anything that you do not need. We will, however, provide you with meticulously thorough and healthy cleaning. And our absolutely risk free guarantee: complete satisfaction or your money back, speaks for itself.

How much do we charge?

Can my pets stay at home, and is it safe for them?

Your pets should stay home during our cleaning. For their peace of mind, please arrange for them to be in a quiet sheltered place, like a bathroom, where they feel safe. They will highly appreciate it. We've been offering eco friendly, green and cruelty-free carpet cleaning in San Francisco and San Mateo for many years and we are yet to receive one complaint from a single pet owner. It seems like they love it.

Our healthy, cruelty-free, eco friendly, hypoallergenic cleaning products are beneficial both for you and your pets.

Is steam cleaning the best or the only method you offer?

We choose to provide our clients with all major cleaning method. We do feel strongly about which is best, just ask us how we clean our own home. However, we wanted to provide you with the cleaning method that will be most advantageous for you.

People say that once a carpet is cleaned it takes days to dry and it resoils shortly after?

This was true 30 years ago when the equipment could not retrieve the liquid left in the carpet. That is why it took so long to dry. In addition they used chemicals that damaged the carpet and left a sticky soil attracting residue.

We use the world’s most powerful mobile cleaning plant. It will retrieve almost every single drop of water used to clean your carpet. Our healthy, non-toxic yet powerful cleaning products, (manufacturer approved to retain the stain resistance and warrantee) clean exceptionally well. They will leave your carpet soft to the touch, nearly dry and residue free.

Not only will your home look clean and beautiful after our cleaning, it will also be a healthier for you and your loved ones. All carpet manufacturers require that your carpet be cleaned once a year and if you exceed 18 months, they will void your warrantee.

Not only will your carpet stay cleaner it will also last longer.

So, how long will it take to dry?

Drying time can take from as little as one hour under ideal conditions to as much as 24 hours in wet winter months. It varies due to the density of fabric, humidity, soiling and the method of cleaning.

Since we offer all major cleaning methods, we can suit the cleaning to your needs. If fast drying is your main priority, we can make your carpet dry within an hour.

Will you be on time?

We are very respectful of your time, and we know that you are busy. For the first appointment of the day we’ll be exactly on time. For all other appointments we’ll show up within the reasonable 1-hour window of time. Ask any of our clients, some of which have been with us for 20 years: They’ll tell you that we are practically always on time. On the rare occasion we are going to be late, we’ll call and let you know in advance.

Can you guarantee removal of all stains?

We truly wish we could. Unfortunately some stains are permanent. For example: Bleach will strip the carpets’ dye, while some cough medicine will permanently color it. Well-intentioned yet inexperienced cleaners are the number one cause for permanent stains and irreversible damage.

While trying to remove stains, knowing when it’s safe to keep going and when it’s time to stop, may be the difference between a perfectly looking carpet and a permanent stain.

Can you clean my oriental rugs in my home?

To properly preserve the beauty and prolong the life of your rugs we follow the “Wool Bureau’s” cleaning guidelines. First we individually test each color, then, we gently wash your rug by hand using “Wool Safe,” hypoallergenic, non toxic and eco-friendly cleaning products that maintain your rugs natural resiliency. After that we thoroughly rinse and expedite your rugs drying. On location cleaning costs substantially less and we do offer it, as long as you understand that it can not match the meticulous in plant cleaning.

Are you a franchise?

We are a local company that Ofer Kolton built by himself. Ofer has been in business for twenty years. He is proud to be the Bay Area’s highest rated cleaner for customer care and satisfaction since 1991, by eight different consumer organizations.

We offer eco friendly, green carpet, upholstery and oriental rug cleaning in San Francisco & San Mateo. We'll provide you with exceptional cleaning results that will make your home look great and be healthier for you.

We’ll work hard to earn your complete satisfaction and referrals.

Are you certified by any consumer organization? Can we check on you?

Expert Clean & Green is one of the only 5% of companies in the U.S; who are certified by the prestigious IICRC (Institute for Cleaning and Restoration Certification.) It means that we have invested hundreds of hours in classes and successfully passed the rigorous tests required to qualify for the Master Carpet and Textile Cleaner certification. “DuPont”, “Shaw Industries” and other carpet manufacturers recommend that only these certified firms clean their carpets.

How frequently should a carpet be cleaned?

“ …carpeting not cleaned and properly maintained has the potential to cause a variety of health problems inside the building environment.” “….every time carpets are emptied of their pollution build-up through professional cleaning, there is a health benefit.”
-Dr. Michael Berry of the Environmental Protection Agency. (EPA.)

The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) calls the carpet a sink. What they mean is that everything drops to the bottom and that is where your carpet is. The IICRC cleaning standard recommends that the average home carpet should be cleaned every three to six months.

The major carpet manufacturers recommend carpeting to be cleaned once a year. They will void their warrantee if you wait longer then 18 months without cleaning.
Expert Clean & Green recommends cleaning once a year. It’s easy to remember and every time you clean there is a health benefit for you.

For more information see our Helpful Advice page.