Here's what our clients have to say:


"Ofer has been the best in the business many, many, MANY years. I was referred to him by a neighbor in the 1990s and I've never looked back. Now I'm in Southern Marin and I'm still calling Ofer! Ofer even helped me with a sofa emergency (kid/red crayon/new butter colored sofa) in Manhattan, assisting me in finding a reputable company who came and solved the problem!  Cats, kids, party spills -- Ofer can handle it all. When he's done, your carpets will be cleaned, fresh and safe; the price will be right; you will be happy." - Caitlin C

"Simply awesome. Next time I need to clean my carpet I'm not going to think twice about calling Ofer. VERY consultative and will tell you everything you want to know - and more - about what he's doing, how it works, and what you can do to keep it up. VERY punctual, service oriented, knowledgeable, and gave me a great price. Don't think twice. Just call him. One thing, I recommend you take a pass on looking at what came out of your carpet if he asks. I'm still debating if it was worth it." - Melinda G.

“I am EXTREMELY happy especially with Ofer. Ofer did a fantastic job with my carpets. They look new even two weeks later. I was able to leave him in the house by himself and by the time I got back at the arranged time everything was finished. No chemical odors at all and I am very comfortable letting my baby crawl all over the place."

"I have managed apartments for over 20 years, and have found Ofer to be the most professional, knowledgeable, and friendly carpet-man out there. He is always on time, cleans the carpets extremely well, and doesn't cut corners. I consider him to be a value vendor." - Raoul L

"I have used Ofer and his cleaning services for quite a few years now (have lost track) and it has always been excellent service - on time, detailed, great results. Ofer is passionate about his work and always willing to offer his professional carpet advice. Strongly recommended." - Larry M.

"Ofer has come to my house several times now. He did a fantastic job on what I thought was permanently stained/worn carpet. It came out like new. And, the carpet was not of a quality I thought would ever come back to life. But it did. Very impressed. It hadn't been cleaned for 4 years with two little kids and lots of visiting friends beating on it. He also did an expensive wool oriental rug for me. Beautiful. Also, the carpet is not left wet, but just the slightest bit damp to the touch. It fully dried in 12 hours (On a SF foggy day). He gave me paper booties so I can go about my business :) He was great about moving furniture around and taking care of baseboards and so on. He is a delight to talk with and gives great education on rugs and carpets as far as what to buy and how to clean. Prompt as well. I will have him return every six months or so." - Robert A

"Ofer did a great job-I concur with many of the other reviewers. I thought there was no hope for my carpet, it was just gross in some parts- but I rent and my landlord will not replace it. So, I decided to spend the money and have it cleaned. I did check one other place that was less expensive. They cleaned my apartments’ common areas like the stairs and their estimate was lower- but the rug in the common areas looks o.k. not great- So I decided to spend the extra money and I am really glad that I did. He got out all the stains and it looks amazing. And it was pretty quick and easy to schedule too. I would definitely recommend this company."-- Kim.B 6/28/2010 San Francisco

"I will use them again and will definitely recommend them to anyone who is looking for a more environmentally friendly alternative to traditional carpet cleaning companies.”

“I am extremely impressed with this business. Ofer took a good look at the carpet before cleaning it and explained why I had problems with recurring stains, what I had done wrong in trying to clean stains myself, and gave a very good and accurate prognosis of what to expect, and the possible pitfalls of cleaning a carpet in such bad shape. We have a dog, so he sprayed with an enzyme to help remove pet grease. He took a lot of time going over areas that were particularly soiled. In the end, the carpet looks astoundingly better than it did. Highly recommended. Ofer left me a citrus based cleaning spray, and insisted that I call him for advice on picking a new carpet if/when I decide to replace. Highly recommended!”- Zach G.- San Francisco

“Every once in a very rare while, you encounter an expert in his or her field. If this expert also comes equipped with such priceless aphorisms as "be generous in your private life, conservative with your carpet cleaner," you know you're in for a rare treat. Ofer, the owner, inspired confidence at every step of the steam cleaning process - from his careful phone consultation to his targeted allergy-reduction approach to cleaning. And now.... a little more than a week later, my allergies are virtually gone!”- Lauren M.- San Francisco

“Ofer was amazing. We had to list our house on the market quickly and I needed the stairs desperately cleaned (gross I know, but it had not been done since it was installed 4 years…..vacuuming yes, cleaning no). I called Ofer and told him my situation. He came the next day and it looks better then the day I had it put in. Thank You!”- Kealy M.- San Francisco

"I give Ofer from Expert clean & Green my highest recomendation because he gives top-notch customer service- every single time. The first time he cleaned my carpets he left me a spot remover product to take care of problems inbetween cleanings. The next time he gave me a tips card showing how to remove common stains. On another visit, he suggested that I put old rugs in my garage so that people could wipe off their feet before stepping into the wall to wall carpeting. He always goes the extra mile." Chris B. - San Francisco

"Ofer from Expert Clean & Green has cleaned our carpets half a dozen times and some upholstery too. He is meticulous, explains every step of the cleaning process and have successfully removed some pretty bad spills. Red wine, cat vomit, cat urine and cat poop for example. He is also cost conscious and punctual. I recommend him highly." Kate L.- San Francisco

San Francisco Good Service Guide:

“I have never met anyone as industrious, careful, or totally honest as Mr. Kolton. I have antique carpets which he brought back to life. The quality of his cleaning and service was outstanding. He has my highest recommendation.”
- Anne Ellinwood

“My rugs were in really bad shape. Ofer first tested them to find out what the stains were, then removed them all. He is the best carpet cleaner I’ve ever used!”
- Darcy and Greg Westin.

“I am chemically sensitive and I needed my oriental rugs cleaned. Mr. Kolton went out of his way to use non scented, non-toxic cleaning agents and helpfully explained everything he was doing. He was genuinely concerned for my satisfaction and his cleaning was excellent.”
- Janice Farley

Diamond Certified:


“Ofer always does great work.”

“Ofer was professional. He really knows what he is doing. He also gives you tips on how to keep your carpet clean.

“Ofer was honest and he did a very good job. He also left me a bottle to clean the carpet between jobs.”

“Ofer has always done very good work for us.”

“Ofer is very friendly and he does wonderful work.”

Judy’s Book:

“Ofer runs a first class small business in an industry where professionalism is hard to find. A lot of carpet cleaners are scary (seriously, there have been a couple of high-profile Bay Area cases where women have been murdered by the guy who showed up to clean their carpet; I used one carpet cleaner who showed up late, shared stories about what it’s like to be in prison, and asked if he could have a beer out of my fridge.) Ofer is passionate about carpet and an expert in cleaning tough stains (a little weird but a great trait in a carpet cleaner); he’s also passionate about great customer service. I’ll never use anyone else. Just don’t tell him I think his passion for carpets is weird.”

Angie's List:

"Ofer cleaned the very dirty carpets in the master bedroom of the home I recently purchased. He explained in detail everything he was going to do and also about his (eco-friendly) products. The carpets had dirt stains as well as pet stains. They now look brand new."  Jill Alfreds


City Search:

“Excellent. From initial phone call to end, Ofer was professional. We needed our 15 unit (four floors - steps and landings) apartment building carpet cleaned, for the first time in over 15 years. There were many dark/black spots. We called around. Ofer was the most informative and detailed on the phone. We called him back a week later. He came on time; he finished within the time and price quoted; he explained the process clearly; he educated me further on future maintenance; and, the carpet looked new in parts and clean all over. The white in the maroon carpet really popped. The feedback from our tenants was all positive.”
- Deborah Henderson

Clients' letters:

  • “I wanted to thank you again for the excellent job (not to mention the time and patience) you gave to our home for our carpet cleaning. I am glad we chose to go ahead with the two different cleaning methods for our two different types of carpets. They look much better. And now I know the proper method to spot clean them in the future."  - Diana Walsh
  • “Thanks so much Ofer - Rugs look great. You are a magician.” - Suzy Diller
  • “The carpets look beautiful! Thank you very much for getting- even the doorway clean. I appreciate you taking the time to remove the paint spill residue. I’m enclosing a “little extra.” Your expertise is exceptional.” - Michele Gurnik
  • “Many thanks for the cleaning - a superb job as always.” - Al Linter
  • “What a miracle! All the stains just disappeared….. Thank you “saint” Ofer.” - Nicole McMillan
  • “Just a quick note to say Thank You! The carpet in our apartment look beautiful—we can’t believe how improved they are since you cleaned them. Best wishes.” - Katie and Ron Murdy
  • “The personal service and follow ups that your company gives is so refreshing. I definitely would say you’re the Nordstrom of cleaning service.  I have been so pleased with the out come of our rugs and furniture that I have been gushing about you to my friends. Thank you for caring.” - Shirley Eng
  • “Thanks so much for your assistance last week. Besides doing a great job cleaning our badly abused upstairs carpet, you also provided a useful demonstration of materials and techniques, allowing us to deal with stains in the Berber carpet downstairs. Those stains are now gone, thanks to your time, instructions, and handy spotter. Special thanks for sending us the beautiful cleaning guide. It is too attractive to hide under the sink, so we will feature it in full public view on the refrigerator door! Sharing your knowledge and experience is just as important as providing carpet cleaning services. We are very grateful for your prompt, courteous and efficient work. Your company should be at the top of everybody’s list of bay Area companies.” - Jim and Suzanne King
  • “I just wanted to thank you for cleaning my wall to wall carpet and my oriental rugs so beautifully.  In these days of lack of service, it was a real pleasure to deal with someone as efficient and pleasant as you. You were on time and delivered exactly the services you promised.  I will be happy to recommend your company to my friends, and I look forward to consulting you the next time my carpets need cleaning.” - Brian Kersey
  • “I am writing to officially thank you for the terrific job you did on our carpets and for your gracious and meticulous service.
    I appreciated your candid analysis of our situation and your open, honest responses to my questions. Not only all this but cleaner carpets then I’d imagined possible. Please feel free to use me as a reference. And thank you again.” - Judy Orland
  • “The carpet looks great!  We would like to do this cleaning more often. Thank you so much!” - Anne Howard
  • --“Dear Ofer,
    I just wanted to take a moment to thank you and to compliment you on the carpet cleaning and training services you have provided us at the Olympic club.
    Having gone through a complete club remodel which included thousands of square feet of wool carpets, we were very fortunate to have you recommended to us. After talking to other carpet cleaning services that cleaned carpets in numerous ways, we were often left just as confused about their services as before they came.

    When you arrived you offered a simple common sense approach to not only cleaning our carpets, but also establishing a program so we can clean our chairs in house. More importantly after we decided to use your services you came through with everything that you said you do in a timely and professional manner.

    On a personal note I appreciate the time you spent with me as we went through the carpet and chair cleaning process, as it gave me the opportunity to broaden my knowledge in maintaining our facility.”

    Kurt O’Connor
    The Olympic Club

In case you prefer to talk personally with our clients, please give us a call at 415.242.2428. We’ll give you as many referrals as you wish to check — not just a few strategically chosen ones. You may call and ask them whatever you need to know and decide for yourself.