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These spot removal links are helpful and easy to use. The paid product endorsements, however, need to be taken with a grain of salt.


The 3 essentials for a great cleaning:

Essential #3: Top of the line equipment.

Investing in the best equipment allows the experienced cleaner to achieve optimal cleaning results.
We use "Hyra-Master," the world’s most powerful and dependable mobile cleaning plant.

Essential #2: Experience! Experience! Experience.

Well intentioned yet inexperienced carpet cleaners are the number one cause of irreversible damage. Knowing when it’s safe to keep trying to remove a stain and when it’s time to stop, is the difference between a beautiful carpet and a permanent stain.

We are IICRC (Institute of Inspection Cleaning & Restoration Certification.) certified Master Cleaners. We offer green and eco- friendly carpet and upholstery cleaning in San Mateo and San Francisco that will leave your home looking great, yet is healthier for you and yours. And we have thousands of hours of cleaning in the field experience, after all we’ve been cleaning for over twenty years.

Yet, the most important quality is:

Essential #1: The quality of the person behind the machine.

Do they take pride in their workmanship and do they care about you?

Will they make the extra effort to achieve great cleaning results yet use eco friendly and green cleaning products that are healthier for you?

If your cleaner sincerely cares about you, everything else will fall into place.
It’s that simple! Here is what our clients say.


Industry Secrets/How to choose the best cleaning company:

These “industry secrets,” will provide you with the knowledge to make the best decision.

1. Who will work in my home? Are they independent contractors?

Some companies do not check about their employees. We have all heard some scary stories. With Expert Clean & Green only the owner will work for you. We are also bonded, licensed, and fully insured.

Independent contractors are used to avoid the cost of social security, insurance, and workers compensation (huge savings!) That means that if anything happens you may be personally liable.

When we work for you, you will have complete peace of mind.

2. Is the person coming into my home well trained, and are they certified?

We are IICRC (Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification) certified Master Cleaners. A master cleaner have invested hundreds of hours in classes and successfully passed the most rigorous tests in all professional aspects of cleaning. Our thorough training and over 20 years of hard earned cleaning experience assures you that your valuable furnishings are in good hands. They will be meticulously and safely cleaned.

3. Are they paid by commission?

Commission-based employees either have to sell you lots of extras or rush through the job. That is, after all, how they make their money. We do not work on commission and we will not sell you anything unless it is needed and beneficial for you.

4. Cleaning crew of one or two people?

Doesn’t it sounds like two are better then one? The truth however, is that after the first ten minutes only one person works while the other does nothing. The unavoidable economic reality creates pressure to rush and cut corners. You do the math: While only one person cleans, two are being paid.

Our one person crew will take all the time necessary to provide you with the best, possible cleaning results.

5. Are they a franchise?

In theory franchises can offer excellent cleaning. They lavishly spend money on advertising. And some people make the assumption that they are dependable, and can offer good service.

In reality, we get many of their disgruntled clients. Franchises, we feel, are our best advertisement.

Ofer Kolton, who started Expert Clean & Green from the ground up, began cleaning carpets in 1989. In that time he has achieved the Bay Area’s highest rating for customer care and satisfaction by eight, different consumer organizations, and hundreds of satisfied clients. We offer green, non-toxic and eco-friendly carpet cleaning in San Francisco and San Mateo that will leave your home looking great yet is healthier for you and yours.

We greatly care about our clients and will work hard to gain your trust and referrals.

6. Do they only offer steam cleaning?

We choose to provide our clients with all major cleaning method. It is not that we don’t feel strongly about which is the best, just ask us how we clean our own homes. However, we wanted to provide you with the cleaning method that will be most beneficial for you.

7. Can you call their referrals?

We’ll provide you with as many referrals as you wish to check, not just a few carefully chosen ones. Feel free to talk with each and every one of our clients and ask whatever you need to know. 

8. Are they recommended by any organizations?

For twenty years, first as founder, sole owner and then as partner (1989-2008) of my previous company, the Steam Team, the following consumer organizations recommended first me (Ofer Kolton) and then the company for “outstanding customer care and satisfaction.”
• “Consumer Check book” A prestigious, subscriber only rating magazine. You can not buy a rating in this independent consumer publication; you have to be rated by their subscribers.
• “Diamond Certified”
• “Consumer ValueStar”
• “San Francisco Good Service Guide”-
• “IICRC”- Institute of Cleaning & Restoration Certification.
• “CFI” - Carpet & Fabric Care Institute.
• “Angie’s List”
• “Judy’s Book”
• “Yelp”

9. What does their cleaning include?

Our cleaning includes: Healthy, eco-friendly , cruelty-free and biodegradable cleaning products that clean exceptionally well; spotting; grooming; traffic areas treatment; moving furniture within reason; powerful hot water flush to remove deeply embedded soil; and extra passes for fast drying.

When we are done, your carpet will feel softer to the touch, be nearly dry and residue free. You will also save money because it will last longer and need cleaning less frequently. There are no hidden charges. About our pricing.

10. Do they use chemicals?

No other issue is more misunderstood. No other claim is so commonly used to scare the consumer. No matter what claims are made, everyone uses chemicals.

To illustrate, we are made of chemicals. Water is a chemical (H2O). Water alone can not dissolve heavy or oily soils created by cooking, pets, and air-born pollutants that settle even on the cleanest person’s carpet. But don’t take our word for it. We suggest that you try washing dirty clothes without using a little detergent- you will find out that it does not clean very well. It will not work for your carpet either.

The real issue is not the chemicals but how toxic they are. Expert Clean & Green offers green, eco-friendly, non toxic and cruelty- free carpet cleaning in San Mateo and San Francisco. We use safe, eco-friendly, biodegradable, mostly naturally derived cleaning products. We also offer cleaning for people with scent and chemical sensitivities.

11. Do they claim that their cleaning to be residue free?

There is no such thing as residue-free cleaning. By itself water leaves a mineral deposit due to its hardness. This is why sun-dried clothes feel stiff to the touch.

What’s really important is:
A) How much residue is left? - In our cleaning it is minuscule: 1 particle per 5000.
B) Is the residue toxic? - We use safe, eco-friendly, non toxic, bio-degradable, and mostly naturally derived cleaning products.
C) Will the residue cause re-soiling? -The miniscule amount that is left is granular. It will not cause re-soiling, and be completely removed the first time you vacuum.

12. Do they use words like: “Break through” “Exclusive” “Revolutionary”?

New technology is available to everybody. That is, after all, how manufacturers make money.

Your home, however, is not an experimental laboratory. We never rush to be the first to use new technology or products in your home. We have seen too many “revolutionary” products come and go; some were actually proven to be hazardous.

We use new technologies or cleaning products only after they have been proven beyond any doubt to be both advantageous and safe for you.

13. Do they claim to have the “best equipment” without which good cleaning is impossible?

Top of the line equipment allows the experienced and caring cleaner to achieve great results. However, these tools are available to any serious company. The truly essential qualities are experience and care.

While trying to remove a stain, an experienced cleaner knows when it is safe to proceed and when it is time to stop. The end result may be the difference between a permanent stain and a beautiful carpet.

The most essential, however, is the quality of the person behind the machine, their pride of workmanship and how much do they care about you- their client. That is why we offer eco-friendly and green carpet and upholstery cleaning in San Francisco and San Mateo: it cleans exceptionally well and it is healthier for you and yours.

If your cleaner sincerely cares about you, everything else will fall into place.

14. Do they clean all fabrics the same way? What PH is being used?

Every fiber needs to be cleaned differently. We adjust our cleaning to the fibers that you have. Olefin needs to be cleaned with low pressure, followed by many dry passes. This prevents its tendency for re-appearing stains. Nylon needs to be cleaned with a PH lower then 9.5. A higher PH will permanently damage and remove the carpet’s stain resistance and void the manufacturer’s warrantee thus causing you thousands of dollars in loss. We clean wool according to the wool bureau’s instructions for a PH lower then 8.0, and use “Wool Safe” products that preserves wool’s natural resiliency

15. How much do they spend on advertising?

“Why should you care?”
When a company relies mostly on advertising it means one thing: They do not get many referrals or repeat clients. They need a continuous stream of new clients just to stay in business.

Only a company that devotes its complete attention to satisfying their clients can rely as heavily as we do on repeat business and word of mouth referrals. The source for most of our new clients is: YOU. We invest in our clients, not in advertising.

16. Can I have an MSDS sheet?

Upon your request, companies are required to provide you with an MSDS sheet (material safety data sheet,). It shows the toxicity rating of the product being used. You do not have to guess how toxic or safe a product is, and you do not have to take anybody’s word for it.

We carry MSDS sheets for all the safe, non toxic cleaning products that we use.

17. Do they use words like: “Non-toxic” or “Bio-degradable”?

These days, everybody claims that their product is “healthy” “non-toxic” and “bio-degradable.” You should know that radioactive waste, for example, is bio-degradable; unfortunately it will “only” take a few thousands years to biodegrade! To know how safe a product is, you need specific, meaningful information. Here is why our cleaning products are highly beneficial for you.

We offer green, non-toxic and eco friendly carpet cleaning in San Francisco and San Mateo that achieves exceptional cleaning results, yet is healthier for you.

18. Pay close attention to your first call.

Was the company patient and friendly on the phone? Did they listen?
Did they welcome your questions and take the time to answer all of them? Were they knowledgeable? Did the answers make sense to you? Did they try to sell you lots of extras?

At Expert Clean & Green we respect our clients and appreciate their intelligence. Our goal is to provide you with the best and healthiest cleaning results possible. 


After cleaning instructions:

  1. Minimize traffic on the carpet and remember that walking from a wet carpet can be very slippery.
  2. For the health and safety of children and pets keep them off recently cleaned fabrics until completely dry.
  3. To avoid permanent stains do not return furniture or remove any pads or blocks placed under furniture until the fabric is completely dry, (Allow 48 hours minimum till the removal of pads and blocks.)
  4. Fabric protector applied after cleaning may require additional drying time. Such protective treatments have a 24 hour minimum curing time and may feel slightly tacky during this period. Please allow 24 hours before heavy use.
  5. Drying time can vary widely due to the density of your fabric, humidity and the degree of soiling. To speed drying, ventilate the area as much as outside weather allows and increase air circulation. Drying time may vary from only 4 hours under ideal conditions to as much as 24 hours in wet winter months.
  6. Velvets need special care. We brush it in one direction. It must dry in this position. Do not touch it while wet! After drying it may have a stiff feel. This is removed by brushing in the same direction it was left to dry. Vacuuming will complete the beautifying process. Cushions are usually stacked “teepee” style to dry, please leave them this way. However if you wish to make them dry faster, rotate them bottom to top. To avoid bleeding make sure that the different colors are not touching each other, and to avoid rust stains make sure that the zippers are not touching the fabric.


We invite you to take advantage of a special benefit—free of charge—available only to our clients:

This is our way of saying thak you to our loyal clients:

Please call us at 415. 242.2428, as often as you like, whenever you like, when you need:

  • Spot Removal Advice: Should you ever have an unfortunate stain, spot, spill, or “pet accident.” Call me as soon as it happens, even if it’s during a party. If we’re in, we’ll handle it right over the phone; or we’ll call you within 24 hours. We may be able to prevent your carpets or upholstery from suffering any permanent damage.
  • Objective, non-biased recommendations on the purchase of specific carpets, Oriental rugs, and upholstery—from a carpet cleaner’s perspective (Please note: We do not sell carpets, so we have nothing to gain financially; We just want to help you make this long-term investment decision that will work best for you.
  • Day-to day consulting on how to keep your carpets, upholstery, and Oriental rugs clean and beautiful.

Though we provide our clients with FREE advice regarding: spot removal, vacuum cleaners and buying a new carpet. We do not sell any of these products so we have nothing to gain financially. 


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