Our Equipment

We love talking shop and on occasion been known to go on and on…. about our “cleaning gizmos”.

We use the best, most efficient cleaning equipment because it allows us to provide you with:

The Butler System

The latest technology, combined with Butler’s legendary tradition of hands-on craftsmanship, produced the industry most reliable and powerful unit. It is specifically engineered for customers whose primary focus is on reliability, productivity and the highest quality cleaning results. It is powered by the truck’s engine for unlimited heat, suction and durability.

While all other manufactures warranty is one year, Butler’s is the unheard of 10 years!

Rotovac 360i

Rotovac 360i

The rotary jet extraction power head utilizes rotating vacuum heads and spray jets to thoroughly deep clean carpet with hundreds of multi-directional cleaning passes. Brush agitation restores the carpet and the Teflon glides allow the head to run super smooth.

Devastator wand

Hands down the best wand ever made. This little miracle of engineering was designed specifically for massive suction, cleaning power and water recovery. Its hand crafted swivel head allows it to fit where no other wand can.

TM-5-  Brush Pro

This Austrian made CRB (Counter Rotating Brush) machine is the industry’s gold standard. Durable and exceptionally versatile, it is designed to work as a heavy duty traffic lane scrubber, deep carpet pile lifter and a dry compound/ encapsulation cleaner.

Windsor Versamatic

Versamatic’s track record of dependability and cleaning performance has made it the most popular 2-motor upright vacuum in the industry. The 1000 watt vacuum motor and separate brush motor, deep clean the carpet and remove dirt that can damage your carpet.

Improved Air Quality: Triple Check filter bags and 0.3 micron Air Quality Micro-filters improve indoor air quality by trapping contaminants and preventing them from being recirculated into the air.

Say hello clean - goodbye dirt!